Thursday, January 14, 2016

Just Eat it!

Eat that frog By:Brian Tracy
My takeaway from reading the book.

There are 3 D's that will get you through life successfully:

  • Decision
  • Discipline
  • Determination
Success begins with the simple thought of to. YOU have to DECIDE to succeed. 
Once you've made your decision you HAVE to be DISCIPLINED! Which means you 
will continue following through with your decision even if you no longer feel like it.
Lastly, you MUST stay DETERMINED to see yourself to the completion of your achievement.

Your next through will determine your future. Life is shaped by your daily choices, t's the smallest actions that have the biggest effect. Every small habit and repetitive action will build on itself to progress you or hold you back.  

If you have to eat 2 frogs; eat the ugliest first .If you have to workout & go grocery shopping and you hate both do the one you hate the most. For me that's working out! I don't hate it per say but if I don't do it early before my day gets started then chances are I'll just completely skip it. I HAVE to grocery shop or I won't eat & I love to eat! lol so that sets the order of events.

If you have to eat a live frog, don't look at it very long so:
  1. Be selective
  2. Prioritize 
  3. Take immediate action
  4. Develop a positive addiction to starting and finishing your tasks
  5. Don't cheat yourself by taking shortcuts 
Let's get busy! I know I've been slacking but hey! I'm only human ;-P

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