Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Funday Success

Life Update 8/2014

Family Blurb

We celebrated Samantha's birthday today at Chuck E Cheese's. 
She had a blast! She was not afraid of Chuck E. 
She took pictures, ate cake, played a few games & even earned herself some tickets. 
She even went in the ticket blaster with me!!!! 
Nevaeh did not (We also celebrated Nevaeh's 3rd birthday at CEC). 
She's a brave kid. I of course was falling apart having to deal with "throwing" yet another party without my better half. 
Deployments suck. 
Life is so much easier when Anthony is home. 
He gets to be the ball of nerves and I get to be the cool & calm one- 
in his absence I take over his role.
We had a few of our bible study friends join us, it is really nice to finally have mommy friends!
Nevaeh had 5 parties all on her lonesome. 
Aside from her 1st being a super giant family gig & a 3rd CEC party with a handful of MY friends- her other parties have just been me, daddy & sometimes grandma. 
It's kinda sad & I feel guilty that her little sister & little bother get to have parties when she didn't.
But alas, she finally had her day with friends (almost) for her 7th birthday.

On that note- Chuck E Cheese's parties are pretty expensive so for a small fraction of the cost we added little Anthony's birthday into the celebration. 
For one I don't feel comfortable with celebrating on halloween because I hate the mixed reactions I get from people when they find out when his birthday is... 
And on another count daddy should be coming back from Afghanistan sometime around then.
I don't want to fluster him with rushing plans. 
I just want to take some time to close the doors and barricade ourselves indoors to try and make up for lost time.
I know it's selfish, but he's been gone a painfully long time already and 
I don't want to have to share with with anyone I don't absolutely have to. 
It worked out because this way Jr got his little celebration in, pictures/memories are good to go & the little fella will never know the difference. 

New Beginnings

This week brings much excitement for me. 
I'm stepping out in faith & probably stretching myself quite thin, 
but this is something I feel like I need to do. 
I originally started my Dare to be Loved blog as a means to share a little bit Jesus into the inter webs but I feel very limited about the topics I can or should discuss. I can often go out on a tangent and have to delete half of my post because it's not on point.
So I have decided to open myself to give me a wide variety to share any and all the pieces of me. 
Now I can focus on my faith based thoughts and still share the other aspects of my passions with you here. 

Also, I've decided to follow through with my original desire to start my vlog.  (Video Blogging)
I'm not exactly sure how, when, or what I'm going to do with it.
It will probably also be a two part thing but expect to hear my voice and/or see my face on the inter webs soon, videos will be shared on this blog page more than likely :p

This Tuesday I begin a new chapter in my mommy life & 
Christian walk as one of the head coaches for Upward at Woodlawn Community Church. 
It's a non-competitive cheer program focused on elevating the spirits of girls & 
introducing Jesus into their lives. 
I was a cheerleader in High School and I've always looked back fondly at that experience. 
Being a part of a squad counting on each other to get the job done taught me great life skills so it's something I've hoped to pass on. 
Nevaeh has always been intimated by cheerleaders, because she's not a preppy girly girl. 
(She's a lot like mommy: loud, bossy, stubborn but shy & a bit cowardly all at once.)
This will definitely give her a boost of confidence & watching her grow as I help out my little squad of eight k-2nd grade girls will be very fulfilling. Just as VBS was<3 
(Thank YOU Emma for sharing these opportunities with me)

With all that said- a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. Have a Beautiful & Blessed week!!!

Daisy Reese- OUT.

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