Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Financial Fitness Challenge

This is scary.
 Challenges are meant to challenge you & challenges can lead to confrontation- 
which is one of the things I like to avoid.

I've stepped out in Faith to lead a Financial Fitness Group on Facebook.
As much as I'm leading, I'm also taking the challenge.
I've been given the tools so see it through from beginning to end,
but I have not gone through it on my own...
I want the daily challenge to catch me equally off guard
as it will to the other participants.

People often say that Money is the root of all evil. It's not. 

The love of money is the problem. 
When you think about money and potential- I don't think enough is ever enough.

Bill Gates came up to you and said he would give you whichever amount
 of money you asked of him- how much would you ask for?
Keep in mind that Bill is the wealthiest man in the world...
Would you ask him for just enough to get out of debt?
Enough to start a nice savings account?
Half of his fortune?
All of it?
More than what he currently has???

Have you ever wondered why you don't have more than what you have??

I can admit that I'm guilty of this. I want more, not because I truly need more, 
but because I haven't properly handled what I've been given. 
If I can't handle what I have now- who's to say I would be able to handle more?

Therefore it is my hope that through this challenge I can learn to manage my finances in
a God honoring way. I fully trust that when I stop trying to control my spending and just give over Lordship to him in everything especially my finances- He will move drastically.

There a few things you need to know about God & finances. 
My personal take is that It starts with your tithe. 
If you don't believe it applies to you, why don't you go ahead 
and take God's challenge- test him in this.

Where ever you are & whatever you are facing 
reach out to him & let him love you.

Let your finances be a reflection of your God given dreams & destiny.
You were made to conquer & you are destined for greatness!
Don't let your finances, or lack there of, get in the way of achieving.

God bless <3

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