Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A glimpse into a day in my shoes

7:30am Alarm went off. Made my bed and came down stairs to make myself a cup of Tazo Passion Fruit tea.
8:15am Alarm went off to take my kiddo and the neighbors to school. Got back, got the kids dressed and we got in the car to take daddy to work.
9:35 I called a friend on the way home to see if she wanted to grab some coffee but she was busy so I went to the gas station and grabbed a cup of joe for myself. I was too impatient to wait for it to cool so I threw it back and my throat is still scalded.
9:55 got home and  got ready for doctors appointment and got kiddo ready for preschool and worked on my journal
12:10 Alarm went off to take kiddo to Preschool. Dropped her of then headed to the Post Exchange to kill time before my appointment and to search for V-day cards
1:30 got to the hospital parking lot and shared a snack with little man before running inside. Walked to the basement to get him into watch care but it was closed so we headed for the clinic.
1:55 got called back to the observation room. Took weight (lost 5lbs since my last visit), Blood pressure (went down) but my depression symptoms aren't improving.
2:25 the doctor finally came in and she felt for my thyroid and said she wants me to get my TC levels checked again (3rd time in 8months) plus an ultrasound.
2:35 checked in to Radiology and made ultrasound appointment.
2:40 checked in to the Lab to get blood work done.
2:48 flew out of there to make it to school in time to pick up the kiddos.
3:30 got home & I had to try on the new lipstick I purchased at the PX earlier + took a selfie.
3:45 Daddy got home
Some time between 4:30 & 5 Daddy and the middle child passed out on the couch while I cleared the notifications from my phone.
5:30 went on Zillow to look for homes in our price range, with our wants/needs plus good school ratings. Seems like an impossible feat.
6:30 Started writing this blog wondering where the past 3 days have gone. I have 3 snail mail letters that need to be responded and mailed out but my energy is through the floor and I have no desire to do anything.
Kicking myself for missing my Friday deadline for posting to my YouTube channel...
My phone is dying, I don't know where my charge is and I don't care to look for it.
Little man is throwing a fit & I feel like I'm failing at life...
I have a terrible migraine, my back & shoulders hurt and I could really use a nap but I'm too stubborn to take one.
It just feels like theres a black hole walking behind me sucking life & joy out of me. HELP!

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