Thursday, February 26, 2015

You can't fail unless you quit!

Rebirth: Reese's Pieces

Some time in 2013 I decided I wanted to try my hand at photography.

 Back in 2011 after I gave birth to my 2nd daughter, I saw so many cute clothes & bedding. I wanted to buy her everything but  I didn't have the money. So instead I bought a sewing machine and I decided I'd make her those cute things myself. 

I named my sewing business Cuties By: D-Zign. I couldn't just be a stay at home mom with a hobby, I was determined to work for my coffee habit, so I decided I would sell my work. I came up with the name "Cuties" because  have 3 cuties of my own, "D-Zign" because I Daisy (AKA DayZ) was "De-Ziging" my little creations. 

Fast forward to 2013, I was trying to sell my things on Etsy but I felt like I just couldn't compare to the great sellers on there. Their listings had great photos and they looked so well presented. My little phone took the grainiest pictures ever so I convinced my husband I needed a DSLR & we invested in a Canon Rebel T3  

From the moment I opened my camera and took my first picture  (without a lens) I was in love. I had absolutely NO IDEA what the heck I was doing or how to work it but within me I just felt like I was born for it. I was so excited about my brand new camera that I announced myself as a photographer while shooting in full auto in my kit lens. 

I had no editing software outside of BeFunky  and looking back... damn I was a mess. Good thing I didn't charge for those sessions.
Anyhow, I tried to bring my business name over to my photography but it was too long. So I went with "CBDZ Photography" and I have hated it since. 

Last year while my husband was deployed, I  decided to upgraded a   to a Canon EOS 70D not because I had fully mastered my camera but because I wanted to force myself out of the automatic settings into more of a manual side. I am totally love with my new camera & I'm still learning to master it. 

My husband also got me the Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements  software so I could edit more "professionally". I love it because it comes with photo AND video editing software ! I enjoy making home videos and stuff so it's perfect for me! It certainly helped my stand out and improve my work.

This year for Valentines He blessed me with an Apple MacBook Pro and Wacom Small Tablet editing!He really surprises me with his thoughtfulness and loving heart. I cannot stress how blessed I am to have such a supporting husband  who believes in my potential.

I have been taking some time off business to redefine my brand and identity. I've changed my name to Reese's Pieces Photography & settled on my color palette. I have been playing with my new tools to give new life to my old work.

and I've gotta say I can really see improvement and I'm going to toot my own horn here! TOOT TOOT! I am so exited about personal growth in this area of skill. I'm not yet where I want to be, but I'm so far off from where I started. There were so many times that I felt like I was going nowhere but I'm glad I didn't quit! No way I'm giving up on something I love this much. So "Note to Self:

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